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Welcome fellow travelers, dreamers, and adventurers! Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Have you ever wanted to travel the world? I sure did!

In March 2015, I read a post by a couple of friends over at North-to-South that got me wondering: is it actually possible to quit your job and travel?? Shortly after reading it, I brought up the idea of doing just that to Ceci, my wife. But she wasn’t having it.


And I couldn’t blame her! I knew it was a crazy, farfetched idea. … Or was it? With her support, yet without any future plans, I decided to quit my job. I was looking for new opportunities and for a chance to try something different; perhaps a local San Diego startup would have the opportunities and environment I was craving.

However, what I didn’t know was that that jokey, playful conversation about quitting and traveling had planted a seed in her mind. Maybe we SHOULD quit our jobs and travel?!

Shortly thereafter, I gave my two weeks’ notice. Both of us continued thinking about the idea of traveling, but it would be three weeks before we would bring the topic back up. I had saved that original blog post, and decided to re-read it. I once again joked about how now Ceci should quit her job! And she went for it.

“Ceci, quit your job and then we’ll go to Southeast Asia.”  – Ever

“Ok!” – Ceci

“What?? Really??” – Ever

“Yeah! Let’s do it!!” – Ceci

And that was it. We started looking into places to go, flights, prices, cautionary tales. We found dozens of websites, including many fantastic travel blogs, that offered tons of information! What I found difficult was getting all those ideas organized. No one really offered much in the way of travel planning.

And that’s how the idea for Here Comes The Sun! was born. I’d like to help others looking to spend some time traveling, but are having trouble getting their ideas organized. 

I know how difficult it can be! How do we get here? Where would we stay? What is there to do and see? And how much will it all cost? I want to give you some tips on how Ceci and I have done this.

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Here comes the sun! It’s an exciting new day. And with it comes a new adventure…

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