Here Comes the Sun!

Our first garage sale! (And a tornado tears through our living room.)

This weekend, Ceci, Broccoli and I hosted our first garage sale. We gathered all our trash, and hoped it would be someone’s treasure. Sure enough, people loved Ceci’s clothes! We sold a bunch of kitchenware, old shoes, and a few other items, including a few that we had gotten for free before! (100% profit!)

garage sale

Ceci works, Broccoli chills

We also used Craigslist to sell our dinner table, our guest room bed, and some bar stools that we seldom used. It felt great to get rid of all that stuff and open up our space. Even with the mini tornado that tore through our living room, it simply feels more open.

We managed to ¬†convince our landlord to lease us one of his open garages. That’ll be much easier than storing our remaining stuff at my parents’, and cheaper than renting space at a public storage.

With all those plans in place, it was time to begin packing. We gathered boxes found around the neighborhood, saved shipping boxes from Amazon and REI, and bought a few Home Depot HDX Totes. Last time we moved, we found these to be much more useful, tough, and long-lasting.

This week, we’ll begin moving these boxes downstairs into the garage. We’ll be traveling to Monterrey, MX this weekend, so our time remaining is running short! We have about 7 whole days remaining. Luckily it seems that our backpacking backpacks are just about ready to go. (I’ll tell you more about our backpacks and their contents in just a few days.)


Testing out some backpacks from REI.


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