Here Comes the Sun!

Let’s travel the world!

The Beginning

One day, after several months of careful consideration, I decided to quit my job. I was working as a project engineer at a large aerospace corporation, but it just wasn’t working for me. Instead, I thought I’d take a shot at working for a startup. I figured my wife, Ceci, would tell me I’m crazy. After all, I had a decent, fairly stable job where the pay was not bad and I had the opportunity to travel a bit. However, I wasn’t going to wait for another job prior to quitting, and THAT’S what I knew was crazy.

But supportive as Ceci is, she told me to do whatever it is that made me happy. Around the same time, I read a blog post by an old college buddy’s girlfriend. They had decided to quit their jobs and travel the world.

I brought the crazy (read: crazier) idea up with Ceci. I figured that I was already quitting my job. If she quit her’s too, we could give this a shot! But alas, she said no. At least this time around.

A few weeks went by. My last day of work got closer and closer. Jokingly (but not really), I brought up the idea again. She must’ve been thinking about it for a while because she said ” YES!!!.”


Where to go??

She certainly caught me by surprise! Quickly, we started looking into places to go, costs and budget, and what some of the steps would be.

We decided on going to Southeast Asia. 

I had heard that it was beautiful and very inexpensive! (Inexpensive is rather critical when you don’t have jobs or income.) We found that we could survive on about 50 USD per day for both of us, so we figured it would cost about $1500 per month to travel in Southeast Asia (not including flights or supplies). 

We had a close friend’s wedding to attend in September, so we’d have to consider that during trip planning. But, seeing as how that wedding would be in Mexico, it would provide an opportunity to check out a different part of the world: Central America, another beautiful are that would be relatively inexpensive.

So there it was: we were going to Southeast Asia for 3 months, return and head down to Mexico to attend a friend’s wedding, and then head to Central America for another month or two.

Where to begin?

We started a spreadsheet with all the things we had to do (what’d you expect? I was a project engineer! =P)

Talk to landlord, book flights, get immunizations, etc.

Each day the list grew longer and longer, but it really helped keep us on track. It also ensured that those little things (e.g. pick up dog’s medicine, have extra copies of passport pictures) would not be forgotten. Without our lists, I can’t imagine how someone could keep track of all that needs to be accomplished and all the things that need to be purchased and packed prior to the trip.

For the past three weeks, we have dedicated ourselves to knocking items off the list, bringing us one step closer to our trip of a lifetime. Our flight departs June 3rd. Just a few more weeks…

Stay tuned to learn more about our story, our plans, and our lessons learned!


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4 thoughts on “Let’s travel the world!

  1. Pamela G

    Woooowww!!!!! Diviértanse un montón!!!!! Estaré siguiendo su página continuamente para ver sus entradas!
    Un abrazo enorme, los esperamos cuando regresen!!

    1. Everardo Garcia Flores Post author

      Gracias Pam! Ceci dice que, si nos sigues la historia, te va enviar un video de ella tomandose un licor con el corazon de una culebra. 😉

  2. Diana Southern

    Congratulations guys! Welcome to the exciting world of travel and blogging. I like the blog name you picked!

    North to South and Here Comes the Sun will have to meet up whenever our travel paths cross. 🙂 Until then, Ian and I are looking forward to following you guys here on the blog. Can’t wait to see your photos!

    1. Everardo Garcia Flores Post author

      Thanks Diana! You and Ian were truly an inspiration to us, both to travel and to start the blog. Hopefully, we’ll meet up sometime soon and grab a cup of coffee! Keep in touch! 😀

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